Dobrodošli na Einsteinov Club Penguin,Vašu #NO1 stranicu za Club Penguin vijesti. Ugodan dan!

utorak, 1. srpnja 2014.

Novosti o Music Jam-u!

Bok svima!

Jučer je došao novi post na CP blogu. Napisala ga je Megg, a u postu nam donosi uzbudljive vijesti o Music Jam-u, nadolazećem party-u ovoga mjeseca! Pogledajmo koje su to vijesti...

I can't believe it's July 1 tomorrow, time is flying! First off, congrats to the Sharks for their epic win of the Penguin Cup. *claps* 
Now for some awesome Music Jam news! 
For those who asked to have nighttime in Club Penguin, you're in luck! I'm extremely excited to announce that this party will have both day and night... for the first time in CP history! Like in the real world, we'll have daytime and nighttime in some rooms of the party. Check it out:
Wait! There's more - I've got my hands on the set list of performers for the party? Want to see? Who am I kidding, of course you do! 
That's right, Cadence and all 4 members of the Penguin Band will be walking around the island to party with everyone. This is the first full appearance from the PB in quite a while, so it's super special!
We'll also be hosting some special musical guests at the big festival, including Cole Plante, Zendaya, Violetta, and next month's featured artist, Sabrina Carpenter! Stay tuned to the blog for an exclusive interview with Sabrina, too.
Music Jam starts on July 17. We'll share some more sneak peeks over the next week.
Waddle on! 
-Club Penguin Team

Dakle, za Music Jam će doći novi pingvini: Cole Plante, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter i Violetta, no oni će samo u nekoliko soba pjevati, ne će doslovno doći kao maskote. Penguin Band i Cadence će hodati oko Club Penguina te ćemo moći ih upoznati! Plus, u nekim sobama će biti noć tokom party-a! To je super, zar ne?

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-Marina Cro

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